Baby and Toddler Safety

How to Ensure Crib Safety for Your Child?

Using new standards that have come into effect some seven years ago, accidents and medical issues cause from cribs have declined significantly. Now there are much stricter standards concerning crib manufacturing, with the end of sliding sides and much better materials...

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What is the Best Car Seat for Your Child’s Age?

The prime concern of any parent, anywhere, is the safety and well-being of their child. This is especially important when driving a car, as you need to focus on the road and not on whether your child is tightly fastened to the seat or not. Sadly, many children and...

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Booster Seat Requirements for Your Child

Without question, the first requirement when buying a seat for child passenger safety is to make sure that it is the right fit for your child. As all parents know, children can grow very quickly and use of a wrong safety seat can not only make your child uncomfortable...

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How Long Do Child Car Seats Last?

While it is not unreasonable to think in this new day and age how companies and legislation are only used in the perpetual hunt for your wallet, in this specific case, it is not the truth. We need to throw away the misconception that child car seats can last forever...

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Where Do I Need Baby Safety Locks In The House?

Ensuring that the baby is safe is the priority of every parent or guardian. Children are a blessing to us and have no ability to protect themselves from harmful situations. This leaves the responsibility of maintaining a safe environment to the parents. Improved...

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12 Essential Baby Protection Products For The Home

Expecting a baby is one of those moments when parents have all kinds of mixed feelings. On one hand, you are excited about the new bundle of joy you are expecting. It is a life-changing event that will see you take responsibility for a new person your entire life. On...

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Child Booster Seats: Age, Weight, and Height Guidelines

When it comes to the safety of your young child, there are many things that you need to consider. This not only includes safety in the home or while they are at school but also when they are travelling in the car with you. As parents, you will find that you often have...

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Complete Guide To Baby Proofing Your Home

When you have a baby, it may be a challenge to decide what to do in order to achieve their safety in the home. Just look the coffee table in front of you or the drawers in the sideboard and almost all other furniture and you will see that it most probably has sharp...

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10 Safety Measures At Home You Should Teach Your Kids

Like with road safety, we should all strive to make our home a safe place for us and our kids. Parents or guardians are in a better position to ensure that the environment in our homes is safe. Child safety at home, however, does not mean just having safety gadgets...

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Make A Simple Home Safety Checklist For Kids

We all want to keep our children safe at home and enforcing safety rules at home is how the household runs smoothly. Simple things like installing a smoke alarm, having a first-aid kit on hand, having a carbon monoxide detection system in place and keeping all cords,...

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