Online Safety

What is Phishing and How to Prevent it?

The term “phishing” is a play on words with the act resembling fishing and usually using misspells to lure in victims and steal their private information. Phish scams or phish attacks are when fake sites or emails are created in an attempt at identity theft or to...

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10 Tips To Stay Safe Online

Living in the 21st century means living in an ever-expanding technological time zone. This is the century which has marked the beginning of the technological singularity. Other than having some of the greatest minds working behind doors, the Internet has had a major...

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Credit Card Fraud Detection Techniques

Credit card fraud is on the increase as technology and global super highways develop. The cost to both businesses and consumers from this type of fraud costs billions of dollars every year. Fraudsters are continually finding new ways to commit their illegal...

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Cyber Safety Tips for Adults

The Internet is most certainly part of our lives these days. We use the Internet for banking, work, social interaction, dating, shopping and much more. However, scams, hacks, identity theft and many more dangers on the Internet are real and all too common. Most...

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Wearable GPS Tracker for Kids: Smart Parenting Tips

One of the greatest worries that parents have with their kids is that they might go to various places when they are away. For instance, you might think your child is going to the local store to pick up something, but in reality, is going to some other place that you...

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